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Soliphilia Soap - Sinfully Wholesome

Soliphilia Soap


Premium 125 gr Soliphilia Soap.

Ingredients: Argan Oil and Laurel Oil

Soliphilia Soap 125 grams $50.00

Soliphilia: n - the love of and responsibility for a place, bioregion, planet and the unity of interrelated interests within it.

Sinfully Wholesome’s exclusive Soliphilia Soap is the physical embodiment of our philosophy of providing the most sinfully wholesome skin care and bathing experience on Earth.

Handcrafted exclusively from 100% wildcrafted, handmade oils of argan and laurel. Soliphilia Soap incorporates all of the astonishing skin care properties contained in abundance in both of these precious oils.

Sinfully Wholesome`s handmade Soliphilia Soap regenerates, purifies and soothes sensitive, damaged and aging skin. It’s ideal for those that desire youthful radiant skin.

Our unique, less than room temperature, cold process technique preserves all of the essential micronutrients in the argan and laurel oils that are needed to fully replenish and restore your skin.

Our recipe is a secret, but the results speak for themselves.

Sinfully Wholesome Wildcrafted Handmade Soliphilia Soap has the most sensuous, the richest and creamiest lather that you’ll ever experience. Bar none.

Lather it on from head to toe, without reservation. 

Makes a great shampoo and shaving soap too.

Praise from healthcare professionals:

"Soliiphilia Soap is SO LUXURIOUS and heavenly. Soliphilia Soap has anti-aging properties and produces a wonderful, rich lather. The Laurel oils in the Soliphilia Soap have a high level of antioxidants that are great for keeping your skin looking young."

~ Dr. Emily Lipinski Naturopath, Toronto Canada

"The wildcrafted oils of Argan and Laurel contained in Soliphilia Soap are the perfect antidote to the harsh chemicals my hair and skin are exposed to on a daily basis at work and in the pool at the health club."

~ Mary Beth Dykstra RN BScN, Moncton Canada

Made in Canada with

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