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Wildcrafted-Handmade Lokta Paper

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Sinfully Wholesome Lokta Paper Packaging


Sinfully Wholesome packages all of our products in our exclusive, Wildcrafted-Handmade Lokta Paper bags. 

Sinfully Wholesome Lokta Paper PackagingLow acid, completely natural, handmade packaging that has never been touched by industrial chemicals or equipment is an essential aspect of delivering on our promise of providing the world's finest, natural and wholesome personal care products that are ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable.

Lokta Paper is the most environmentally friendly paper on earth. It’s wildcrafted and handmade from the bark of a species of laurel bush indigenous to Nepal called Daphne Papyrus. 

Scraping the Lokta bark

Nepalese woman's co-operative preparing the Lokta bark

The Lokta bush, as it is commonly called in Nepal, only grows at an altitude above 6500 ft. in the high Himalayas. When harvested, just like bamboo, it automatically regenerates. 

Harvesting the Lokta bush

Harvesting the Lokta bush

For almost a 1,000 years the wild Nepalese Lokta bush has been harvested by hand and then handcrafted into Lokta Paper.

Our Lokta paper is made in same centuries old, time honoured way by Nepalese artisans, with the proceeds supporting women's economic development projects.

Lokta Paper drying in the high Himalayas

Lokta Paper drying in the mountain breezes of the Himalayas

Lokta Paper was traditionally used by the Buddhist Monks of Tibet to block print their sacred texts on.

Sinfully Wholesome’s Wildcrafted Handmade Lokta Paper packaging is silk-screened by hand by local artisans in a style reminiscent of the centuries old tradition of Buddhist block printing.

Today the Nepalese government still prints all of their official state documents on Lokta Paper because of it’s renowned properties of low acidity, strength and longevity. In fact, 800 year old Buddhist scriptures block printed on Lokta Paper are still in use today.

After receiving many requests, we are now pleased to be able to offer Wildcrafted-Handmade Lokta Paper Gift Boxes to our customers:

Lokta Paper Gift Box

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