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Sinfully Wholesome - In a class of it's own


Sinfully Wholesome is dedicated to globally sustainable clean commerce. We strive to be an environmentally and socially responsible, triple bottom line company. Our priorities are:

1) People

2) Planet

3) Profits

At Sinfully Wholesome it is our conviction that providing the world's finest, natural and wholesome personal care products that are ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable at fair prices, and increasing stakeholder value are not merely complementary activities - they are inextricably linked. 




1) Our customers come first.

Every ingredient in every product we sell must enrich the health and the lives of the people we touch.

2) Our suppliers are next.

All of our products are ethically sourced and support local economic development projects.

3) Our stakeholders are last, but not least.

We believe in the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."




Sinfully Wholesome is an environmentally and socially responsible company.

We never test our products on animals.

tested on humans

All of our forest products are sourced from protected biosphere reserves and/or underutilized species.

We package our products in Wildcrafted Handmade Nepalese Lokta Paper. Lokta Paper is the most environmentally friendly paper on Earth.


 Wholesome heart and planet


We source our products from from some of the most troubled and economically challenged countries in the world.

We support women's economic development projects wherever they are in place in the countries that we operate in.

Although we are a social enterprise, we still need to be profitable in order to be self-sustaining and supportive of these economic development projects.

We cut costs at home wherever we can so that we can price our products fairly, while still upholding the principles of Global Fair Trade. 


Globally sustainable clean commerce with a Canadian