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Soap Nuts - 500 gram bag - Sinfully Wholesome

Soap Nuts - 500 gram bag


Soap Nuts - 500 gram bag

Up to 200 loads of laundry 

Ingredients: Soap Nuts & 1 washer bag

A Certified Organic, Hypoallergenic All Natural Body Wash, Shampoo, Household Cleaner and Laundry Soap!

Soap Nuts are the all natural way to clean everything in your home - you, your pets, your floors, doors, dishes, windows and laundry.

How we do our laundry and clean our homes has changed more in the last fifty years than it has in the previous five thousand years. None of these changes have been kind to your skin, or good for your health.

The name brand chemical based body washes, shampoos, household cleaners and laundry detergents and that you use in your day to day life contain carcinogens, neurotoxins and envirotoxins.

Everyday, all day long, you are in close contact with and surrounded by chemicals that are known to cause acne, allergies, cancer (melanomas), eczema, psoriasis, premature aging of your skin, rashes, and neurodegenerative disorders in children.

There is a better and healthier way to bathe, wash your hair, do your laundry and clean your home that is free of carcinogens, toxins, pollutants and VOCs (the volatile organic compounds found in “fragranced” cleaners, dryer sheets, fabric softeners and laundry detergents) - Soap Nuts.

The world’s best soap nuts, or ‘’Soap Berries’’ as they are more accurately called, grow wild in the mountains of Nepal.

Traditionally used by the Nepalese as a laundry soap and bathing soap, Soap Nuts have been gaining in popularity worldwide with people who want to avoid the industrial chemicals found in commercial shampoos, body washes, household cleaners and laundry detergents, particularly those with sensitive skin and/or allergies for whom it’s vital.

Sinfully Wholesome's Wildcrafted Nepalese Soap Nuts are harvested by hand in Nepal's high Himalayas where the atmospheric and soil conditions are optimal for growing Soap Nuts with the highest concentration of natural saponins (soap) in the world.

Our Soap Nuts are then de-seeded by hand and placed in the sun to dry before being hand packaged in our exclusive Wildcrafted Handmade Nepalese Lokta Paper bags.

No industrial equipment or chemicals have ever touched Sinfully Wholesome’s Wildcrafted Certified Organic Nepalese Soap Nuts.

Sinfully Wholesome's Wildcrafted Nepalese Soap Nuts will leave your laundry clean, fresh and odor free.

They’re perfect for those with allergies to fragrances and/or the harsh chemical irritants found in commercial laundry detergent, fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Our Soap Nuts are economical too. You can do a load of laundry for less than you now spend on commercial detergents, and you don’t need to spend a cent on fabric softeners or dryer sheets because Sinfully Wholesome's Wildcrafted Nepalese Soap Nuts have anti-static properties, and they’re a natural fabric softener too.

And you can make a all purpose household cleaner or an all natural shampoo and body wash with Soap Nuts.

Praise from healthcare professionals:

"Nepalese Soap Nuts are something that are new to me, and I LOVE them.  

So simple, you put 4-5 nuts (about the size of a walnut) in a small bag provided with the product. Toss this in your wash and voilà! Clean clothes without any chemicals or harmful fragrances.  

Even better. after you use the soap nuts for a few washes, you can put them in a spray bottle with water and use for household cleaning.

~ Dr. Emily Lipinski Naturopath, Toronto Canada

"I love using your Soap Nuts as I never run out of cleaner. I just make more.

And with three messy kids that I don't want exposed to chemicals, I need all the cleaner I can get.

 I make the liquid Soap Nut cleaner from the used Soap Nuts left over from all the laundry that I do. It does work well on stainless appliances and on glass.

 In the wash the main thing I notice is how soft the clothes are."

~ Jodie Hale RN BScN ENC, Toronto Canada 

"As a Community health care provider I have often recommended the Soap Nuts to my clients. Elderly skin and hair can become very fragile, the Soap Nut liquid is amazing for both, adding body to thin hair and making dry skin a thing of the past. I will never go back to shampoo ever again.

I use the Soap Nut liquid for polishing my stainless steel appliances as well as the glass top of my induction stove. And it works great in my HE washing machine  and my dishwasher."

~ Wendy Leaf-Hallock Community Healthcare PSW/CSW, Pembroke Canada

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