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Laurel Berry Oil - 1 kilo bottle - Sinfully Wholesome

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Wildcrafted Handmade Laurel Berry Oil (Laurel Fruit Oil) - 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) bottle

Ingredients: Laurel Berry Oil

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Wildcrafted handmade laurel berry oil has been used for thousands of years to make the world famous Aleppo Soap.

Widely know for it's unique skin care properties, laurel berry oil is ideal for making luxurious soaps and a wide variety of skin rejuvenating cosmetics.


Learn about Laurel Berry Oil

Learn about Laurel Oil


Soap Making Properties of Laurel Berry Oil:

Makes a luxurious deep cleaning hard bar of soap with a bubbly, silky creamy lather.

You can add laurel berry oil to any soap recipe where these qualities are desired.

Laurel Berry Oil Properties:

Lauric 25
Myristic 1
Palmitic 15
Stearic 1
Ricinoleic 0
Oleic 31
Linoleic 26
Linolenic 1

Saponification Values of Laurel Berry Oil

NaOH SAP -  0.141
KOH SAP - 0.198

Shelf life of Laurel Berry Oil

~ 3 years

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