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n -  in herbal medicine, the practice of collecting medicinally beneficial plants directly from their natural habitat as opposed to cultivating them in a greenhouse or on a farm. ~ The Medical Dictionary



Ancient Wisdom ~ Modern Science

Sinfully Wholesome


Wildcrafted soaps & oils ~ handmade from wild fruits & their precious oils


We'll look after your skin 24 hours-a-day with our exclusive Wildcrafted Luxury Artisan Soaps, Hand-milled Moroccan Argan Oil & Certified Organic Nepalese Soap Nuts.


From your morning shower, to the clothing you wear all day and pillow you sleep on all night, we have the all natural wild fruit skin care solution you've been looking for:


Super Food for Your Skin

Super Food for Your Skin

Surround yourself in the vital energy of our wild fruit based soaps and moisturizers whose key micro-nutrients will feed, nourish, replenish & regenerate the cellular metabolism of your skin. 


Drawing on the Ancient Wisdom of Aleppian Soap Masters and incorporating Modern Science, we handcraft the four finest bar soaps in the world using only the most luxurious ingredients:


Start your day with one of our deep moisturizing soaps and infuse your skin with a youthful radiant glow.

1) Aleppo Soap (olive & laurel oils)

2) Argan Oil Soap (olive & argan oils)

3) Castile Soap (olive oil)

4) Soliphilia Soap (argan & laurel oils)


Revitalize your skin throughout the day with our Wildcrafted, Hand-milled Moroccan Argan Oil


Complete your body care regime by laundering your clothes and bed linens in our chemical free, Wildcrafted Nepalese Soap Nuts Let your clothes and linens surround you in purity and comfort.


Your skin never needs to be exposed to the harsh industrial chemicals found in commercial personal care & laundry products again.


Read a review of Sinfully Wholesome's products by a Toronto Ontario based Naturopath, Dr. Emily Lipinski: Product Review: Sinfully Wholesome


Hygiene is Wholesome



Wholesale enquiries in Canada and the USA are welcome, email wholesale@sinfullywholesome.com