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Complete Beyond Organic Natural Skincare Package - Sinfully Wholesome

Complete Beyond Organic Natural Skincare Package


Sinfully Wholesome's wildcrafted soaps and oils are 100% natural and handcrafted from wild and/or organic fruits and their precious oils.

They are the finest and purest soaps and oils on Earth.

All of our products are environmentally friendly and support women's economic development projects.

Included in your Complete Beyond Organic Skin Care Package are a total of 9 of our Wildcrafted Handmade products:

  1. Aleppo Soap ($9.95 CAD)
  2. Argan Oil Soap ($9.95 CAD)
  3. Castile Soap ($8.95 CAD)
  4. Soliphilia Soap ($49.95 CAD)
  5. 30 ml pour top bottle of Argan Oil ($29.95 CAD)
  6. 10.5 ml roll on bottle of Argan Oil ($14.95 CAD)
  7. 20 gram sample size of Soap Nuts with washer bag ($4.95 CAD)
  8. 4.5 gram tube of Sinfully Wholesome Original Balm ($4.95 CAD)
  9. Handmade Gift Box made from Handmade Lokta Paper ($19.95 CAD)

And shipping is FREE to Canada and the USA. 

Order now and save your skin, your planet and your money :-)

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